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Photo by Jon McAllister

From the Editor

It’s 2016, ya’ll! Well, it should be. Maybe you snaked one of the early-bird copies of this winter edition in those waning days of December, but hey, you’ve had your office Christmas party, you’ve turned…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Opening Volley

Think about the last time you had a great idea. Think about that overwhelming feeling, no matter how humble you might be, that you’ve just unlocked something that must be immediately shared with the world….

Photo by Shelby Lum

Opening Volley

You don’t typically have moments of ringing self-actualization at a yard sale. Yet, there I was, feeling so satisfied in my savvy wheeling and dealing that I hadn’t noticed I was internally critiquing the marketing…

Editor-in-Chief Travis Hoewischer gets a bird's eye view of his own nightmares. Photo by Jerrod Pingle

Opening Volley

April 17, 1964: Jerri Mock becomes the first woman to complete a solo flight around the world – from Columbus to Columbus. July 13, 1978: Walter Poenisch becomes the first person to swim from Florida…

Photo by Chris Casella

Big Bang

Jay Moffett is a lot of things. A long-time local artist, with a personal palate as eye-catching as his work, you can see his signature mutton chops coming from a mile away. Oh, and he’s a licensed…