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Photo by Chris Casella

Ethyl & Tank

As a little kid, seeing an entire lamb roasting on a spit in the backyard—head and all—was no big deal to Ethyl & Tank’s Stephan Madias. “It was a bit of a crude way to…

Photo by Chris Casella

The New Gastronomy

By definition, a gastropub is any drinking establishment that also serves high-end food. Presumably, one could classify a place like Clintonville’s O’Reilly’s a “gastropub,” if only for the mammoth burgers covered in piquant peppercorns, a…

Photo by Columbus Sports

Eat Your City

When you think of dining out, you probably don’t think of a farm. The juxtaposition is striking – white tablecloths, the din of the kitchen, mood lighting, and the laughter of patrons, versus bucolic settings,…