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Photo by Chris Casella

Sunny Side Up

Afew years ago, I heard then U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan read a poem with the word “albumen” in it. Aaal-buuu-men. It just dropped out of her mouth like saltwater taffy, the vowels stretchy and…

Photo by Dawn Youngsteadt

Kickstart the Ovens

The first time I visited The Commissary on Dublin Road, I walked in through an open fence and tiptoed around piles of blasted concrete and leaning towers of drywall. The second time I visited, I…


Living down the street from the Italian Festival is to spend a weekend trying to steel oneself against the siren smells of bubbling tomato sauce and pizza oven aromas wafting over the entire neighborhood. Like…

Photo courtesy photokitchen.com

Kickstart It Up

In July potato salad fever swept the city as Zack “Danger” Brown’s tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter project for making the picnic side dish went viral and was funded to the tune of $55,492. Though Kickstarter is littered…

By Andy Dehus

Mess Hall

It’s a gift to be able to look at a raw space and imagine its ginormous potential – to see the beauty in dusty crags and naked support beams. The Commissary partners Kate Djupe and…