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Frozen in Time

Cocktail trends, like any trend in the food or drink world, are fleeting, ever changing, and contagious. They may come and go quickly, or stick around for a bit, shifting slowly in a barely perceptible…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Breathe it in

Early evening light creeps through the windows, dancing across plush black leather, wood, and brick, revealing the haze that fills the room. Jazz piano riffs break through the conversations swirling around you like the smoke…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

On Point

I love getting dressed up. Flipping through the hangers in the closet, trying to find the just-right look for the night – the make-up, the hair product, the universal shoe quandary – it all comes together…

Back to Basics

There were some rumblings when it closed. There were some rumblings when it re-opened. People fear change; it’s true. But fear not. Bodega is back, and it’s singing an all-new tune. Bodega has been a…

Booze by the Batch

The emergence of the big-city-style, 12-dollar craft cocktails here in Columbus has been well documented. In this very publication, we’ve explored the phenomenon from the most luxurious at-home bars to the most authentic public offerings….

Your Happy Place

Whether single or married, I suspect few people’s happy place is connected with Valentine’s Day. The holiday can be contrived and clichéd, and restaurants are often packed with displays of affection that should have been…