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Lokal Cold Brew in Columbus, OH on July 8, 2016.

A Taste of Indonesia

Somewhere on a sunny farm in Indonesia, a farmer is planting the seed for your next cup of coffee—and Lokal Cold Brew wants to make sure you drink it right. Sam Ryo and Winny Tan,…

Ruth Milligan and her daughter Maggie fold socks for Maggie's Matches, which donates hundreds of socks to the homeless every year.

Little Big Projects

While children her age might have visions of sugar plums and PS4s dancing in their heads, this Christmas, Maggie Daiber will be occupied with thoughts of something entirely different: Socks. It started with a simple question from…

Olivera Bratich in her Clintonville store, Wholly Craft, on June 22, 2016.

This Chick Knows How to Party

“The first party I remember going to? It was in first grade and someone’s parents rented out the McDonald’s Playland and we all got Happy Meals.” It’s important to remember that back then—pre-Super Size Me…