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Photo by Rainer Ziehm

Gunk Rock

In his 2010 tome We Never Learn, author Eric Davidson didn’t set out to write a history book. His mission was humble; he wanted to devote ink to the “undergut” of punk and bands like…

Photos by Chris Casella

Columbuzz: The Pools

In much the same way musicians from the High Street guard of the ’90s—guys like Jim Shepard, Mike Rep, and Ron House—influenced the mid-’00s boom that included the bulk of Columbus Discount Records’ roster and…

Photo by Shelby Lum

Audible Artistry

Beatboxing. It’s the black sheep of the musical family. Really, many musicians don’t even acknowledge it as an artform at all. It tends to be one of those skills that also doubles as a nice…

Lex Vegas and Mat Franklin by Chris Casella

Glam and Grime

The Cadaver Dogs are fueled by suggestion. Many new attendees of their shows stand slack-jawed at first, unsure as to whether the leather-studded, eye-lined, tongue-wagging spectacle before them is an act, or a lifestyle…the Dogs…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

A Great Strange Dream

Mike Conley is espousing his goals for Kafe Kerouac, the off-campus-but-not-campus-like coffee/club house. Keep the doors open, pay the bills, make sure the employees are compensated reasonably…it’s a pretty standard spiel for a small business…