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Illustration by Alix Ayoub

Real Talk with Fake Urban

Urban Meyer has already inspired many things since arriving at Ohio State—players, students, fans, and probably much to his chagrin, a parody Twitter account, @FakeUrban. Sample tweet—FACT: we’re selling booze in parts of my stadium…

Honor. Defend.

Confidence isn’t a feeling—it’s the repeated experience of doing something properly. In college football, it usually happens that many (if not most) of the players who finish as champions each year move on, leaving the…

Photo by David Heasley

View from the Top

Last year’s improbable national championship was made sweeter by being unexpected. It was made sweeter by 12 years of waiting, 12 years of near-misses, 12 years of agonizing defeats. It was made sweeter by more…