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Photo by Tommy Feisel

Endless Summer

The American Happy Hour. Sandwich boards appear on sidewalks in the afternoon, touting cheap drinks for a limited time—$2 shots. $4 long islands. Half price wine and beer. It can often become a race against…

Photos by Chris Casella

Bar Bet: Mushroom

Bartenders, while a friendly bunch, can sometimes be a bit competitive. Each season, as new menus roll out across town, there is a bit of cocktail envy that inevitably takes place. With a seemingly endless…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Soda Time

It all started with cola. That’s according to John Lynch, the owner (along with his wife Jennifer) of Rambling House Soda Pop on East Hudson Street in the University District. After working in a brewery…

Photo by Chris Casella

Cam Comes Home

An immediate hit, Hudson 29 is consistently elbow-to-elbow and, as such, the murmur of conversation and the intimate act of bread-breaking combine to make guests feel they are where it’s happening. That feeling of being…

Strong in Spirit

Columbus is not short on new restaurant and bar offerings. The Short North alone has become a veritable meat grinder of options; each new space forced into a fixed geography and through the same grinding…

Booze by the Batch

The emergence of the big-city-style, 12-dollar craft cocktails here in Columbus has been well documented. In this very publication, we’ve explored the phenomenon from the most luxurious at-home bars to the most authentic public offerings….

High Hops

As the craft-brewing phenomenon took the country by storm, Columbus was decidedly underserved. We love craft beer, which is evident when you walk into a bar and see as many as 30, 40, or even 50…