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Photo by Maddie McGarvey

Gaming During the Game

Sometimes you throw a couple of random, good ingredients together and find that they work surprisingly well—kettle chips on a chili dog or poutine with French fries. You can count Clintonville’s new Old Skool in…

Bowl Game

From within the rushing current of food, both traditional and new, occasionally a dish rides a wave to the surface: think about bacon’s everlasting moment—served with everything from chicken to chocolate—or the tuna tartare crest,…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

A Rare Breed of Brew

If you’re opening a brewery in 2015, you’d better deliver the goods right out of the gate. You’re going to get accolades regardless, because people love the new local guy, but you need to ignore…

Table Talk

Caitlin McGurk Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and Library Cheap:  My addiction may eventually cause my demise, but the tacos (specifically the pulled pork ones) at Ethyl & Tank on campus have got to be some…

Photo by Chris Casella

Non Complex

Robin Oatts is living simple. How simple? Her 1950s north Clintonville home didn’t come with a dishwasher…or a dining room…or a porch. Yet the photographer and graphic designer saw potential in the small, outdated structure…