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Photo by Collins Laatsch

Best Comfort Food

Hot Chicken Takeover 23.7% of 11, 862 votes Winner, winner chicken dinner! (Finally, we can use this strange expression without sounding absolutely nuts.) Hot Chicken Takeover has been a non-stop force ever since its conception,…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Best Burger

Thurman Cafe 22.1% of 12,967 votes While the Thurmanator might not be the lowest calorie burger in the city, it’s by far the most famous. Sharing its namesake with arguably the largest Columbus supporter there…

by Collins Laatsch

Best Fries

Five Guys Burgers And Fries 21.6% of 11,396 votes Perhaps our love for Five Guys’ fries harks back to our days at the fair—after all, there is something indescribably charming about eating french fries out…

Photo by Tommy Feisel

Best New Restaurant

Best New Restaurant Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse 15.6% of 9,839 votes This is it, folks—the 1940’s Art Deco style steakhouse out of Cincinnati has finally landed in our city after making a culinary splash in Louisville…

Best Fast Food

Chick-Fil-A 27.2% of 12,702 votes A new contender has emerged. Plopping down a new location next to the newly-minted Nationwide Grandview Yard office complex has seemingly served this fast food purveyor very well. Despite some…

by Brian Kaiser

Best Mexican

El Vaquero 15.8%of 12,414 votes You know you’re in line for some authentic Mexican when the titles of the dishes are mostly in Spanish (and have corresponding numerals). If you are tired of white-washed Mexican…