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Photo by Randall L. Schieber

Down By The Riverside

Editor’s Note: Last summer, (614) published a three-part series about the Olentangy and Scioto rivers, and their shared journey through time and the city. After an uncontrolled sewage overflow issue, and under threat of lawsuit…

Photo by Chris Casella

Class of 2016: Dana

When Dana hits the stage at this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival, an event that prides itself on its eclectic lineup, there’s no doubt that the band’s performance will be an anomaly for the afternoon crowd….

Illustration by Dustin Goebel

Clergy and the Closet

“It became difficult to preach a particular authenticity… that I did not feel safe to return,” said Rev. John Girard, associate pastor of Worthington United Methodist Church, who attended Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and became…

Photo by Chris Casella

Into the Hive

Just recently did I have my first encounter with the new brethren of Columbus hip-hop. An unsolicited link led me to “HBO Porn,” by a group called Lost Society. It’s slow-motion, ‘90s inspired boom-bap, warped…

Photo by Rachael Barbash


Plenty has changed about the capital city since Brian Swanson was part of a successful three-headed Park Street empire alongside Chris Corso and Mike Gallichio. One thing that hasn’t: if you’re promoting a place with…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Meat Men

My papa was a butcher—one of those gregarious, old school, Buddha-bellied guys. The larger than life, cleaver-wielding stereotype whose rosy cheeks matched his stained work apron. The type of person who knew the first name…

2016 ColumBEST Extravaganza!

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Photographed by Chris Casella and Nick Fancher

Why I Came Back

These days, there’s much brighter lights in our little big city. Long-gone are the days of Columbus hemorrhaging creative talent, as the magic of Midwest hospitality and low cost of living has now merged with…

Photo by Ryan Miller


Amy Turn Sharp is a Senior writer for Resource/Ammirati, An IBM Company. With her passion and specialty in content and community, Amy is frequent guest blogger and has bylines in national magazines and websites including…

Photographed by Chris Casella

Brick By Brick

Robert Mason Grimmett was on-brand before there existed such a term. You could say that a young boy in ’80s Appalachia in a necktie, inspired by fedoras and fountain pens, had a keen sense of…

Photo by Maggie Holmgren

Up the Vine

When it comes time to pick a wine, it sometimes seems like there are an overwhelming number of them to choose from. Anyone can be forgiven for throwing up their hands and just going with…

Photo by Chris Casella


Around the year 230 CE, Zhuge Liang, Chancellor of the Northern Chinese state of Shu Han, equal parts famed politician, adroit strategist, and feared warrior, returning with his army from a rout of the Nanman…

Photographed by Maggie Holmgren

The Ties that Grind

Can something as simple as a cup of coffee really save the life of a child? Sisters Victoria Calderon Nunes and Virginia Nunes Gutierrez think so, and they’re ready to put their passions to the…

Photo by Chris Casella & Rachael Barbash

Stage Left

At Hashtag Comedy’s Who Is Lying? live game show, the hot seat was burning for the first contestant when improviser Joe Moorer grilled him about his date, who was watching from the audience. “How long…

Sleazy to Soulful

The first time Har Mar Superstar entered my life, he was in tighty whities, flawlessly crooning Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke,” surrounded by beautiful women in matching frilly pink pajamas. For 2003, this was damn good…