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by Tommy Feisel

Hidden Menu

It seems counterintuitive in the competitive Columbus culinary scene for a restaurant to willfully remain below the radar. Even neighborhood joints advertise a little, if only through carryout coupons or flimsy flyers. But some places…

By Pixie Bretney

Word of Mouth

You read all the fancy restaurant reviews you want—with some so precious they’ll spend 400 words alone just on the “ambiance.” But sometimes, it really just comes down to what’s on the plate, as far…

By Brian Kaiser

Grab & Go

Brunch has finally come of age. Formerly a middle meal for the well-heeled, breakfast’s boozy big brother has given late-risers of every economic strata an acceptable excuse to sleep a little longer while still maintaining…

Momo Ghar, By Collins Laatsch

Go for the Dough

Handmade Tibetan-style dumplings and “Witchy Woman” by The Eagles may not be the most obvious pairing. Yet sitting at the counter at Momo Ghar, watching these dumplings deftly tucked and folded a mere foot away…

Time Hop

You’re riding in your ’53 Corvette, top down, two of your closest friends riding along. You pull up to your favorite diner, order the fizziest root beer float on the menu, and twirl the blonde…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Root Remedy

Do you remember back in the ’80s when they used to use the term “health” food? Yes, we had pushed ourselves to such depraved depths from an eating standpoint, that they had to re-brand food—you…

By Collins Laatsch

A Chip-Ton

Five years ago, Brian Thornton had a food truck and a few bagfuls of potato chips. Now, that same truck merely serves as the vessel for what has become his full-time vocation and passion. When…

By Tommy Feisel

Fry For All

For those enlightened few who know French fries are more than just a sidekick to burgers or a vehicle for Heinz’s red sauce (which are very, very important roles of their own, of course), I…

By Tommy Feisel

Beyond Pho

Creative collaboration is what Columbus does best. Case in point: Beyond Pho, a dining experience conceptualized and executed by pop-up-restaurant organizers  Here to Disrupt, Vietnamese restaurant Tốt Vietnamnoms, and the digital Columbus-based publication, Wonderfilled Magazine….

By Brian Kaiser

Ça c’est Bon!

Right now, you can snag a direct flight from Columbus to New Orleans for less than $200. It’s a pretty damn good deal. But, if you’re just hankering for little taste of Cajun and Creole…

By Tommy Feisel

Cowtown Downtown

Downtown has a butcher shop. This isn’t breaking news. It’s literally been there 60 years. You had no idea? Sounds about right. Meat Packers Outlet isn’t on a main drag, but it’s right around the…

Photos by Collins Laatsch

Tops and Tales

When I was sent on assignment to Columbus landmark steakhouse The Top, I had no idea that my editor was figuratively handing me a ticket to a time machine. Naively, I thought I’d stop by…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard


Forno actually started out as just an idea for a simple, great pizza place in the Short North. From there, like so many toppings, the team at Corso Ventures started piling up the extras. The…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Fresh Tastes

Numerous new bars, breweries, or restaurants opened up in the last year, signifying a legitimate boom for the Columbus food & drink industry. These are just a few of the standouts: Cosecha Cochina 987 N…

Photo: Megan Leigh Barnard

Yes and Nose

In a culture brimming with a constant flow of information, “alternative facts” and content, the slower-paced, analog-inspired way of living has started to resurface—a statement against the ever-present hustle of 21st century life. Case in…

Over the Mountain

“What’s a pierogi?” “…” We at (614) Magazine realize that our discerning foodie readers would scoff at such a question, but my delivery driver asked this in earnest while dropping off a baker’s dozen from…

Plates without Borders

Pop-Up Perú’s mission to think outside the taco Sit down, relax. I’m going to tell a story. When you think of the quintessential Peruvian dish, as seamlessly blended into American cuisine as spaghetti or fried…

Poutine @ Blind Lady by Julian Foglietti

Brunch Battle!

Ya’ll remember when “brunch” was basically just picking around the last of the buffet trays before the greasy spoon shut down for the afternoon? Okay, well, we know brunch isn’t that new. But considering that…

Photos by Andrew Spear

East Meets West

Finding the best places isn’t about keeping your eyes open, it’s about knowing where to look in the first place. So, the next time you’re cruising on 315 toward Downtown, remember this piece, and remember…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

The King of Gyros

The oldest of four brothers, Yanni Chalkias wasn’t the first in his family to find his way into the restaurant business, but he was one of the youngest. Having immigrated to Cleveland from Greece just…

Photo by Tommy Feisel


Pizza is probably our most prolific and pervasive ethnic fare. But “pizza pie” hasn’t always been as American as apple pie. It was originally dismissed as immigrant food—and before the 1950s, Columbus was one of…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

M.R. Ease

Back in 2005, when Johel Woodliff’s squad of Marines was guarding a bridge in Iraq, you’d think their supply of MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) would be the last of their concerns. But you’d be wrong. “We’d…

Photo by Tommy Feisel

Westside Wonkaville

What could be more American than ice cream—or more Columbus than unexpected combinations like Blackberry and Cheese, Goat Milk Caramel, or Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Sponge Cake? Ricardo Sandoval is the Westside’s own Willy Wonka, and Dulce…

Photo by Allie Lehman

Keeping It Real

Taylor Riggs doesn’t shy away from labels. Yes, it’s true that her new cookbook is both gluten-free and paleo-friendly, but the blogger-turned-author has a much simpler mission for Real Food. Real Simple—one that reflects its…

Illustration by Anastasia Markova

Don’t Fear the Funk

It’s not for everyone. Sour, funky, with just that slight twinge of danger. Taking a bite of a fermented food can sometimes feel a little bit like choosing a restaurant without checking Yelp first—excitingly terrifying….

Photos by Catherine Murray

Vegetarian 365

It never fails—after nearly 20 years of being a vegetarian, photographer Catherine Murray still gets the same questions whenever she tells someone. Or, rather, the same seven immediate reactions: If you don’t eat meat, what…

Photos by Brian Kaiser

Restaurant: Quintessential

Columbus’ food scene changes as frequently as restaurants change their menus. What used to be a city largely known as a home for chain restaurants and strip mall one-offs is now seeing its food experiences…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Fresh Tastes

Numerous new bars, breweries, or restaurants opened up in the last year, signifying a legitimate boom for the Columbus food & drink industry. These are just a few of the standouts: DogTap 96 Gender Rd.,…

Photos by Collins Laatsch

Glaze the Trail

“A donut challenge, you say? I once ate 33 Krispy Kremes in under 15 minutes,” boasted the bartender, polishing a pint glass while behind the bar at the AC Marriott hotel in Butler County, Ohio….

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Shedding Expectations

“No restaurant. We told ourselves—‘no restaurant.’” Greg Lehman, along with his partner Dave Rigo, knew what they were doing. They didn’t know necessarily how to do it at first, but they had a plan. Watershed…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Carb-e Diem

Biscuits and gravy is such a stupid and delicious dish. It’s so ubiquitous with my wife and I, that the best thing that happens when we visit my family in Kentucky (including seeing my family),…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Beyond the Appetizer

For North Country, it’s not just charcuterie, it’s an art form. This family-owned business is invested in reshaping the Columbus charcuterie scene, one delicious hand-crafted slice of salami at a time. North Country Charcuterie is…