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Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard.

Old School/ New School

The best of both worlds in Columbus’s Old North. Welcome back to Old School/New School, where we pair a Columbus institution with a restaurant or bar that isn’t quite yet in the history books. Both…

Photo by Tommy Feisel.

Jerky Boys

Brothers take Columbus—and golf courses—by storm with their local snack. Matt Salts (yes, that’s his name) and his band of brothers have launched a seasoned takeover of the dehydrated meat scene. Using simple local seasonings,…

Photo by Tommy Feisel.

App Hop

Welcome back to another edition of App Hop, an idea that started off as a date night, turned into our favorite date night, and then into this series of articles for you to benefit from….

Photo by Tommy Feisel.

Five If By Land

Make the most of no-coast Columbus with these seafood standouts. You can’t get good seafood in this town… Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. But these five dishes prove that Columbus is trying to…

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

You’re Covered

If you get panicked about bringing a dish to a local soiree—like a few folks on our Stock & Barrel team—use this guide as the perfect stop-and-shop. Portia’s Cafe. What’s being served off the grill…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Pizza Pilgrimage

Head north to sample some out-of-county pies. Full disclosure: most of the time I’ve spent driving on Route 23 has involved either a stressful commute or a trip to a mall—also stressful. It’s fair to…

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Dough Show

Finding a slice of the Big Apple—and a pizza tossing champ—at Leone’s Pizza. Since my family moved to Columbus from Brooklyn in December, something has been bothering my four-year-old: the pizza. Specifically, the Columbus method…

Photo by Tommy Feisel.

Gobble Up the Cup

Downtown diners get a new on-the-go option. Behold, the lowly cup! That ancient vessel, so integral to slaking human thirst, yet so often ignored. History finds but few examples of cups that transcend their domestic…

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Truck Yeah!

A mini guide to the biggest mobile food fest in the all the land. Once again, Columbus is the site of the largest gathering of food trucks in the Midwest. As a region known for…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Back To The Root

You don’t need a time machine to experience a classic Midwest summer—you just have to go to Marion. When our editor called me into his office to start brainstorming for this issue of Stock &…

Lone Wolf

The Short North, as most are aware, is exploding with new development. Even restaurants that fold on Columbus’s strip hardly manage to shut their doors before a new staff rolls in and starts pouring waters….

by Megan Leigh Barnard

No. 1 Smash

“I just had a fresh beef quarter-pounder from McDonald’s. It was delicious. I’m shook.” And with that post, chef Matthew Heaggans proved his quest for the perfect burger has few boundaries. Of course, Heaggans was…

by Collins Laatsch

Slice of Life

Faith Pierce and Bobby Silver are moving at light speed lately. They’ve owned Yellow Brick Pizza in Old Towne East for years, but just last month they doubled their responsibilities by opening a second location…

Hot Mess

Fair warning: Don’t wear your fanciest attire when you go to Kai’s Crab Boil. The cooks don’t spend time on tidy plating. Meals don’t even come in individual portions. Once a boil is ready—the ingredients…

Spring Simmers

A taste of a few local restaurants shifting in new menu items. Ahh, spring. In Ohio, it’s damn near like entering a whole new world. And it doesn’t just affect our how we entertain ourselves—but…

Call To The Hall

Options abound in new communal dining space. Going out in the Short North can be hectic. Hopping from bar to bar can limit your food options, while posting up at a single restaurant can limit your…

Create Your Curry

Coast to Course

Matilda Riby-Williams, or Tilly, as she’s known, is hovering over a steaming pot of onion and tomato puree, seasoning it with her favorite spices: garlic, ginger, Goya Adobo and Ghanaian cayenne pepper. A small crew…

Chains of Love

Before Columbus was nationally known for its neighborhood haunts and dinky little dives, we spent decades as an incubator for fast food fads that came, cooked, and conquered. Not all went on to become household…

Butter Girl by Brian Kaiser

The B is for Best

Do you know Miss B? You don’t? If you do, you’re likely to keep up the fun secret that she’s the namesake and inventor of that banana pudding at Hot Chicken Takeover—which keeps those checkered…

Bareburger by Collins Laatsch

Meatless Wonder

Veggie Burgers are, dare we say … hip? While mad scientists have done the “impossible,” by cooking up a plant-based burger that bleeds, meatless menu options are popping up all over the country. Of course,…

by Collins Laatsch

Boss Hog

Throw a brisket in the air these days, and it has even odds of landing on a truck, tray or tiny window. While slimming down may be the trend du jour for BBQ joints in…

Roof with a View

Rooftop patios are nothing new. But the trouble always tends to be the view. Downtown Nashville has some cluttered so closely together, the only thing you can really see past the ledge? Another rooftop patio….

BLunch by Megan Leigh Barnard

On the Sunny Side

Clintonville is lovely this time of year. Columbus, on the whole, isn’t. Rain, snow, or shine, you can always find some charm in the little “sub-’burg”—Walhalla Ravine still topping the annual unofficial poll for best…