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Roof with a View

Rooftop patios are nothing new. But the trouble always tends to be the view. Downtown Nashville has some cluttered so closely together, the only thing you can really see past the ledge? Another rooftop patio….

Photo By Brian Kaiser

Beyond Beer

Beer might just be the perfect gift. Unlike the kitchen kitsch, no-good knickknacks, and other wrapped crap we tend to exchange, beer is simply shared and enjoyed, leaving nothing behind but fond memories and a…

Photo By Collins Laatsch

Pie In The Sky

We’ve spent much of our adult lives around pizza and whiskey, yet, somehow Chad Kessler is currently the only one we know savvy enough smash them together. The owner/artist/skater/alchemist behind Columbus craft distillery is proudly…

Photo By Megan Leigh Barnard

Pucker Up

A few centuries ago, sour beer was just called beer. In those days, all beers were inherently sour due to the lack of proper sanitation practices that were eventually developed to keep extra yeast and…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Sour Batch Kids

It’s all tart on tap at Pretentious Barrel House It wasn’t all too long ago that you couldn’t be pretentious if you were a beer drinker. In America, the can-crushing culture of cheap beer—cracking open…

Far from the Tree

Apple Brandy isn’t exactly new, but it’s not widespread either, and craft distillers haven’t rushed into this unique, but delicious genre of the distilling arts. Part of the holdup? Time. A successful craft distillery has…

Raising the Bar

There’s something intoxicatingly wonderful about the perfectly placed cocktail: a cold gin and tonic on a humid summer night, a glass of rye whisky on the rocks around the fire, or an ambitious coconut rum…

Biting the Dog

Is BrewDog the real deal, or just a glammed up boondoggle from Scotland? We asked founder James Watt to set the record straight. Now that BrewDog has finally opened up their ballyhooed Canal Winchester operation,…

Last Call

“Sober” is a term that doesn’t typically mingle with the bar industry—where the late nights and hard days are not just part of the gig, but in many ways a celebrated aspect of the culture….

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Sip and Save

What if I told you there was a place you could go where you could try as many different types of wine as you wanted, and have it served to you by fancy robots from…

Wine Print

“I don’t like this wine.” “Oh, good!” I put on wine tastings and events in and around Columbus, sometimes four or five per week. The above exchange happens all the time, often to the bewilderment…

Imagine, Imbibe

Oh, Annie Pierce—you sure know to make a magazine feel smart. We already knew you were one of the best bartenders around—which is why we asked you to be on the latest cover of our…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

New View

Not sure if ya’ll have noticed or not, but the look of Columbus is changing—sometimes, seemingly from week to week. You know what hasn’t changed? Our love of the patio. Which means there’s a constant…

Photo by Tommy Feisel

Endless Summer

The American Happy Hour. Sandwich boards appear on sidewalks in the afternoon, touting cheap drinks for a limited time—$2 shots. $4 long islands. Half price wine and beer. It can often become a race against…

50 Sips of Summer

We at Stock & Barrel remember a time in this city when asking for a “cocktail menu” would have resulted in a surly bartender just pointing to bottles on the wall behind them. Just like…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Cup Runneth Over

Humans have been drinking coffee for over six centuries, and caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive agent on the planet. Though it’s not hard to find a six dollar cuppa, very little of the…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

Truth in a Glass

The new Short North speakeasy thrives on simplicity The truth is that Two Truths is classy, but without pretense. Somehow, this soulful speakeasy combines the best of all worlds: exquisite cocktails, charming service, and an…

by Collins Laatsch

Sour Power

Wolf’s Ridge gears up to expand unique program Chris Davison is a young man with an old soul—a purist. Despite his youth—and that he’s battling a highly competitive marketplace forcing many brewers to consider to…

Photos by Megan Leigh Bernard


I think you could call this a “full-bodied” pour. Our local beer purveyors have always been a collaborative bunch, but this spring they’ve found an extra inventive way to set our city’s craft scene apart from…

Photos by Brian Kaiser

Restaurant: Quintessential

Columbus’ food scene changes as frequently as restaurants change their menus. What used to be a city largely known as a home for chain restaurants and strip mall one-offs is now seeing its food experiences…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Fresh Tastes

Numerous new bars, breweries, or restaurants opened up in the last year, signifying a legitimate boom for the Columbus food & drink industry. These are just a few of the standouts: DogTap 96 Gender Rd.,…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

Shed Show

“Forget Man Caves, Backyard Bar Sheds are the New Trend” Whatever you say, Internet. I saw this post sliding around my Facebook page last week, and I thought: Let’s let Columbus be the judge of…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

In The Hunt

BrewDog’s cofounder James Watt is not one to mince words. When explaining his decision to open are brewing operation here in the U.S. he was … blunt: “When I first came back to the U.S….

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Kicking Ass (Quietly)

You could say Craig O’Herron isn’t afraid of an unsure bet. Three years ago, he quietly opened up a little brewery in an industrial park on the west side. And three years before that, he…

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Drunk History

I need to make a spiritual commitment to myself to stop doing after hours at the bar. This what I said to myself at 5 p.m., still hungover and struggling on two hours of sleep….

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Breaking the Chain

Let’s face it: when it comes to beer, chains have a tendency to be… well… lame. Don’t get me wrong, I love the comfort and security of chain department stores like Target—when I’m buying that…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Platform Steps Up

We believe in good beer, and the idea that beer can go way beyond its liquid form. And that, in a nutshell is the pitch for Platform Brewing, whose community-minded approach to craft brewing now has a taste…