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Photo by Chris Casella


There ain’t a thing wrong with loving any long-standing joint universally admired and constantly sought after; even if it is a beautiful dish of saturated life-shortener. Everybody loves that shit, and no one should be…

Photo courtesy photokitchen.com

Kickstart It Up

In July potato salad fever swept the city as Zack “Danger” Brown’s tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter project for making the picnic side dish went viral and was funded to the tune of $55,492. Though Kickstarter is littered…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Fresh Tastes

 1   Denmark on High + Secret Cellar 463 N High St. Nestled in the bustling Downtown entertainment district, this unique combo business (along with California transplant Bareburger) finally put some life back in the…


Table Talk

Dan Sharpe,The Columbus Foundation Cheap:  Cheap makes me think of quick and dirty. Dirty Franks Hotdog Palace, of course. With most dog offerings at $3.50, and piled with flavorful toppings – the options are almost…