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Photo by Shelby Lum

Power Hour

Trivial yet necessary tasks eat up time, and errands – running to the store, getting groceries, remembering to pick up a gift – are complete and total time-crushers. Whence, an app-based company, works in that…

Photo by Chis Casella

A Long Time Brewing

Tired, Adam Benner and Walt Keys, sit happily, visibly drained from yet another late night at Land-Grant Brewing Company. Really though, it isn’t just one late night wearing on the pair, but two-and-a-half years of…

Photo by Shelby Lum

Audible Artistry

Beatboxing. It’s the black sheep of the musical family. Really, many musicians don’t even acknowledge it as an artform at all. It tends to be one of those skills that also doubles as a nice…