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  • Author: Sara Awad

Hungry for Better

“I’ve always been a big guy, but just imagine me 200 pounds bigger than I am now,” says Del Sroufe with an affable grin on his face and Popeye arms resting on what was once…

Photo by Brian Hockensmith

Walking Tall

What do you and your friends do when you hang out? Board games? Beers? Jessica Minshall’s swing from trapezes, ride unicycles, breathe fire, and walk on stilts. Her Amazing Giants, a delightful band of circus…

Body of Work

Sudden, life-threatening illness in a child is among life’s most terrifying circumstances. Samantha Bennett, who was just nine months old when she contracted bacterial meningitis, considers herself fortunate that her life was spared from the…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Holy Hip Swinging

Get ready for a wedding – belly dance style. Columbus-based Sacred Shimmy Belly Dance troupe is committed to marrying ancient tribal customs with some that are new. “When I started dancing, there was a taboo…