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  • Author: Regina Fox
Photo by Brian Kaiser.

I Feel Pretty

I discovered tweezers at the ripe age of 12 and immediately developed an obsessive relationship with them. I pluck, pluck, plucked my brows until I couldn’t pluck anymore. (Literally. My mom had to physically disarm…

by Brian Kaiser


Ritzy’s, the iconic bygone burger chain, whose growing pains led to its near-extinction in the late ’80s, has reclaimed Columbus territory and resumed flipping patties just like the old days; only this time, the second…

by Brian Kaiser

Room to Ramble

If you’re a ramblin’ man or woman, trying to make a living and doing the best you can, then listen here because I’ve got a proposition for you: Bottled cocktails. Columbus’s own Rambling House has…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Doggone Wild

“We’ve got an emergency skunk situation.” Those were the first words out of Adam Turpen’s mouth after the “Hi, nice to meet ya”s. For the past decade, Turpen has been the alpha dog of the…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Concrete Garden

A trek from East Broad across the Mighty Scioto River on to West Broad will tell the tale of two Columbus boroughs existing adjacent from each other but in very strict dichotomy. On the east…

Creep Show

I was 8 years old. The TV was 14 inches. That day, in my grandmother’s living room with Scream on the screen, was the day I became obsessed with fear. I love the rush of scared…