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  • Author: Nathaniel Powell
Clark Wilson, CAPA Organist poses for a portrait Saturday June 18, 2016 at the Ohio Theatre. The Organ Wilson plays during the CAPA Summer Movie Series is called the 'Mighty Morton' and was installed in the theatre in 1928. Powered by a 25-horsepower turbine-type blower beneath the stage, the organ is raised and lowered by a screw-driven, enabling it to be “hidden” during other performances. and is comprised of more than 2,500 pipes. (© James D. DeCamp | http://www.JamesDeCamp.com | 614-367-6366)

The Swell of Summer

When the Mighty Morton organ first comes alive, it sounds like a house furnace turning on. Somewhere in the basement of the Ohio Theater, a 25-horsepower turbine blower gains speed, thrusting wind up through the…