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  • Author: Michele Theodore
Photo by Allie Lehman/The Wonder Jam

At Your Service

“There has to be something else,” Eric Hayes thought to himself as he ate what felt like his millionth salmon salad. He was—and is—a busy guy who didn’t have the time or desire to cook…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Toy Story

“When you’re a kid, when you’re playing with your toys, there is this world that your toys are in and nobody else can see it—that world.” “I wanted to recreate that,” Michael Murtha said. So…

Photo by Allie Lehman

Fit in a Bit

A busy day without time to stop and cook used to mean a cup of Ramen for lunch and dinner. Now, it means home-cooked healthy food that’s delivered right to your office, house, or even to…

Photo by Chris Casella

Non Complex

Robin Oatts is living simple. How simple? Her 1950s north Clintonville home didn’t come with a dishwasher…or a dining room…or a porch. Yet the photographer and graphic designer saw potential in the small, outdated structure…

Photo by Chris Casella

Raising the (Home) Bar

Brian Riegel wanted to have a drink 20,000 leagues under the sea, and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “I needed someone else who could tell me what’s possible and what’s not possible,…