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  • Author: Maureen Yoshizaki
Photo by Allie Lehman

Keeping It Real

Taylor Riggs doesn’t shy away from labels. Yes, it’s true that her new cookbook is both gluten-free and paleo-friendly, but the blogger-turned-author has a much simpler mission for Real Food. Real Simple—one that reflects its…

Pro ‘Grammers

As a society, we love taking photographs. Who doesn’t have hundreds, if not thousands, of images on their phone as they read this? Each of these Columbus “’grammers” are skilled at this practice, and we…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Avon’s Calling

Whether he knew it or not, Chef Maxwell Avon’s future was decided for him at the age of 16. That was when the Worthington native took an after-school job at The Macaroni Grill as a…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

All in the Family

While the parents and grand parents clear grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade cinnamon rolls, I’m left with a trio of beaming children. “When I grow up, I want to be a chef! The oldest!” Gracie…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Reinventing the Meal

“If anything, I would like people to know that I am accessible. I have been told that some people are intimidated by me, and I don’t see why.” Well, on the surface, it’s not hard…