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  • Author: Lara Yazvac-Pipa

Shot for Shot

Barfly (1987) Mickey Rourke interprets Charles Bukowski’s heaviest drinking days through a transformative performance. Watch as he fumbles through bar fights, odd jobs, drunk conversations, and even drunker love. The Bar: “The Golden Horn,” actually…

Photo by Joe Pipia

Sopa de Ajo

There is an everyday magic to be found in the simplest of dishes. An effortless culmination of ingredients from the barest of cupboards can yield something so rich and soothing. It’s as though an alchemic…

Photo by Chris Casella

Cool Glass/Hot Wax

Each issue, Stock & Barrel sits down with a Columbus musician to talk about weird glasses, drinking, and their favorite drinking albums… Sam Brown Instrument: Drums, Guitar, Vocals Band Roster: New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, The…

Boom, Roasted

For many, autumn is a season of strong emotions: the woeful resentment of summer’s fleeting warmth, or the sentimental anticipation of campfires and bourbon. For me, fall fuels the fiery need to cremate my vegetables….