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  • Author: Kim Leddy
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Small Wonder

Stephanie Rond is sick. She’s sniffling and smells like cough drops. The funny, creativity-to-spare local artist who just the other day took me for a ride on the back of her scooter – pink hair…

Photo by Ryan Feeney

The Streets Are Ours

The purpose of the Open Streets initiative is to temporarily closes streets to automobiles so that people may use them for healthy and fun physical activities like walking, jogging, biking, and dancing. As a kid,…

Photo by Chris Casella

Winner, Winner

Any chickens out there worth their feathered salt best steer clear of Columbus as we are turning into the fried chicken capital of the Midwest. Recall Mya’s Fried Chicken, then the Hot Chicken takeover frenzy,…

Homegrown, Homemade

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts by Jeni Britton Bauer Columbus’ ice cream ambassador has issued her follow-up to the dairy queen’s James Beard Award-winning Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. While Britton Bauer is one…

By Andy Dehus

Mess Hall

It’s a gift to be able to look at a raw space and imagine its ginormous potential – to see the beauty in dusty crags and naked support beams. The Commissary partners Kate Djupe and…

Photo by Chris Casella

Palate Passport

There’s an old saying that if you go to an ethnic restaurant and there are people of that ethnicity getting their meal on, then it’s going to be a good-to-go, authentic experience. As in, if…

No Leftovers

Nose-to-tail cuisine catches on in Columbus One of the best ways to unite a table that has drifted off into various side conversation is to play the “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” game….

Photo by Chris Casella

Three Angry Bears

For weeks, the Facebook questions have crawled up Angry Bear Kitchen’s feed:   “Are you open yet?’ “When are you opening?” “Are you open now?”   Finally, on Friday, May 2, the Olde North welcomed…

Photo by Chris Casella

Cam Comes Home

An immediate hit, Hudson 29 is consistently elbow-to-elbow and, as such, the murmur of conversation and the intimate act of bread-breaking combine to make guests feel they are where it’s happening. That feeling of being…

Family Style

The dining room of the La Tavola revamp is sparking with conversation as patrons dip into the polenta-bedded saltimboca or scoop up a luscious bite of panna cotta, crunchy with pistachios and sweet-sour amarene cherries….

Gone Postal

“That’s gonna be on my gravestone.” I’ve just asked Robert Post what exactly it is that he does, what’s his label, what neat category does his artistry fit? The über-hyphenate performer-comedian-juggler-actor-ventriloquist-mime-dance-puppeteer-chef-director-filmmaker-plate spinner shrugged his shoulders…

Chez du Bon

The Pitch: In a world, where the downtown area is growing and the population is hungering for more downtown eateries, Fab Dining Group’s Yavonne Sarber has opened a one-stop Francophile haven – part French market,…