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  • Author: Kelley Engelbrecht
Photo by Tariq Tarey

Guiding Spirit

It’s hard enough to be 16. The angst, the hormones, the awkwardness of navigating a rapidly shifting social strata. Now, imagine adding to that the stresses of a foreign language, a different culture, and public…

Raising the Bar

There’s something intoxicatingly wonderful about the perfectly placed cocktail: a cold gin and tonic on a humid summer night, a glass of rye whisky on the rocks around the fire, or an ambitious coconut rum…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Root Remedy

Do you remember back in the ’80s when they used to use the term “health” food? Yes, we had pushed ourselves to such depraved depths from an eating standpoint, that they had to re-brand food—you…

By Tommy Feisel

Beyond Pho

Creative collaboration is what Columbus does best. Case in point: Beyond Pho, a dining experience conceptualized and executed by pop-up-restaurant organizers  Here to Disrupt, Vietnamese restaurant Tốt Vietnamnoms, and the digital Columbus-based publication, Wonderfilled Magazine….

Photo: Megan Leigh Barnard

Yes and Nose

In a culture brimming with a constant flow of information, “alternative facts” and content, the slower-paced, analog-inspired way of living has started to resurface—a statement against the ever-present hustle of 21st century life. Case in…