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  • Author: Isidora Díaz Fernández
Omega Artisan Bakery Wild blueberry scones, and ham and cheese croissant, Lokal Cold Brew from Little Eater

Picnic with Panache

Good weather MUST be enjoyed. Picnics, a classic in the outdoorsy repertoire of things one can do, is often forgotten, or made last minute and without care for detail. We invite you to revisit the…

Photo by Jodi Miller


“Sashimi and crudo may be the John and Paul of the raw seafood band—but ceviche is the George.” – Kenji Lopez, The Food Lab If you don’t understand what that quote is conveying, then you have some…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Food over Flowers

Joe and Lara Pipia are obsessed with their yard. But not in that suburban Americana, trim-your-grass-with-toenail-clippers kind of way. They’re part of a new era of lawn jockeys determined to take their peaceful little parcel…