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  • Author: Chris Gaitten
Illustration by Alix Ayoub

The Olympics of Pizza

Pizza. Booze. Competition. I love these things, unabashedly and without shame or hope of absolution. So when my friend Dennis had the inspired idea to combine them, I immediately jumped on board. “The Pizza Olympics…

Photo by Chris Casella

Livestrong & Prosper

Doug Ulman attended the inaugural Pelotonia ride six years ago, along with his colleague and friend Lance Armstrong, who spoke at the opening ceremony. Ulman didn’t participate; he just watched. He continued to observe during…

Photo by Jay Brown/JFOTOMAN

No Grand Plans

A lot has changed since 1992. People bought CDs then, lots of them. Nirvana was the biggest musical act in the world. People read album reviews in Rolling Stone and Spin magazines. The Internet, for all…

Photo by Josh Miller

A Legacy Continues

J Rawls was prolific. He rapped, produced, and collaborated on well over a dozen albums during the course of a 14-year career, shifting stylistically from hip-hop to soul to jazz. He worked with Mos Def,…

Dream Small

Are you in an aspiring band? Superdreamer Records cofounders Spencer Morgan and Eric Gussler want to know what you won’t do to make it big. Won’t play a certain venue? Great. Refuse to create band…

Photo courtesy Juiceboxx

Pitch Perfect

Rosemary Garry and Lucas Williamson had problems.  Garry struggled to coordinate meeting times with Columbus businesspeople; Williamson kept breaking MacBook chargers. They created very different product-based companies to solve these problems, but they had a…

Photo Courtesy of ea.com

Sim City

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A For the uninitiated, the series of commands above is indecipherable nonsense, but it’s immediately recognizable to gamers as the renowned “Konami Code,” the sequence of…

Photo by Chris Casella

Hangover Easy(er)

A small part of me secretly likes hangovers. There’s something appealing about the idea that if you enjoy excess* then you should feel some pain. Otherwise, what’s to stop everyone from partying constantly? Remove hangovers from…

Photo by Cody Cousino

Back to the Future of Food

Where does your food come from?  No, not the grocery store – those sprinklers in the produce aisle aren’t for growing vegetables. Where does it originate? This wasn’t a very difficult question 70 years ago….

Photo by Columbus Sports

Eat Your City

When you think of dining out, you probably don’t think of a farm. The juxtaposition is striking – white tablecloths, the din of the kitchen, mood lighting, and the laughter of patrons, versus bucolic settings,…

Photo by Chris Casella

Life After Bourbon

A bourbon barrel is something like a living piece of art, part paintbrush and part canvas. It’s active in the distillation process, infusing color, character, and flavor into the whiskey, and it’s also a work of…