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  • Author: Anna Wonn
Photo by Nick Fancher

Brand New Bag

In times of need, your purse is always by your side and also holds your lipstick for you. Whether you have a collection of handbags or one solid go-to, a good purse is something to…

Date Night Makeup

Since we sent you outfit inspiration, we only thought it was appropriate to send you date night makeup inspiration as well. Like the outfits, we created three looks that coincide with the ensembles  created earlier…

Hand Lovin’

Tis the season to be bundled up. Hands covered, face covered,head covered, everything covered. Your winter accessories are your best friends during the cold winter months. You’ll be kicking yourself if you ever leave home…

Photo by Nick Fancher


With threats of the polar vortex coming back for a second round this year, all we can think about is wrapping up in warm furs and hearty fabrics to protect us from old man winter….

Thankful for Fashion

It’s the season of giving thanks, and we can’t be more thankful for stylish clothes. That’s legitimate, right? If not, we are thankful to spend the holidays with friends and family. Whether your Thanksgiving is…

Buckeye Chic

The most important day of the year for buckeye fans is upon us. Of course we’re talking about the Michigan game! Even the coldest of wind chills won’t keep us from tailgating and cheering on…

Nailed it!

With nail art being so on trend right now, not as many women are worried about the hottest nail polish colors of the season. There are some of us, however that love sporting dark nails…

Fashion First

Columbus’s reputation for fashion has been climbing the couture ladder for sometime now. With the opening of IL Moda, Columbus’s fashion stock is about to rise even more. IL Moda is the brainchild of Lubna…

Shot on Location: Columbus International Airport Photo by Nick Fancher

Fashion: So Fly

Let’s face it: the airport is just about the least fashionable place on the planet. But it doesn’t have to be. In the same way you pack for a weeklong vacation, you can match style…

Photo by Ben Yoder

Raw Talk: Denim

Dudes, you ain’t a damn thing if you don’t have at least one pair of great jeans. While women have the luxury of switching up the bottom half of their ensemble, men are quite limited….