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  • Author: Aaron Wetli
Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Old School, New School

Welcome back to Old School/New School, your local guide for a great dinner and nightcap. The rules are simple: your destinations for dinner and a nightcap can be either an older or newer concept, but…

Photo provided by Gladden Community House.

Gladden Community House

Franklinton is changing. You can’t stand on Town Street east of 315 and throw a rock without hitting a microbrewery, art gallery, or a food truck. However, there is a side of Franklinton, west of…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Holiday Hideaways

The holidays are here. Are you stressed yet? Are the kids driving you batty about their wish list? Is your budget shot? Maybe you’re dreading that long weekend visit from your brother-in-law who can’t stop…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Brotherly Love

Are you looking for a new Taco Tuesday? Maybe you are in the market for a new weekend karaoke joint? How about a fresh spot to display your trivia dominance? A new happy hour serving…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Bet on the Net

Like any aspiring Olympian, Ahad Sarand is fighting for the opportunity to represent his country. He has the skill set, and the determination and grit, and in fact represented his birth country of Iran in…

by Brian Kaiser

Suited for Service

Jim Rieser loves America, appreciates our soldiers, and makes a pretty mean suit. This is year number four for the clothier’s Suits for Soldiers campaign, a program that gifts eight soldiers with custom-made suits to…

by Megan Leigh Barnard


Sam Shepherd and Genene Blackwell didn’t come into this world together. But they’ve navigated much of their lives since then as an inseparable pair. Both born prematurely and with significant visual impairments, the duo were…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard.

Old School/ New School

The best of both worlds in Columbus’s Old North. Welcome back to Old School/New School, where we pair a Columbus institution with a restaurant or bar that isn’t quite yet in the history books. Both…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Notes From The Top

How Sonia Modes became the First Lady of piano in Columbus. Sonia Modes is timeless. It’s notable enough to make a living as a musician for almost three quarters of a century in a town…

Olde Town Tavern

Sunlight Savings Time

The magazine you’re holding right now is likely sparkling under the warm rays of the sun. Cool. It snowed the day I finished this. Which is why we know you’ll appreciate the annual Groundhog Day-like…

Beck Tavern by Collins Laatsch

Old School/New School

Welcome to a new series at Stock & Barrel, where we pair two establishments that highlight the restaurant/bar scene in Columbus—one with a younger footprint, and another steeped in character. The Rules:  Choose one destination for…