Photo by Emma Kate Low.

Seasons Eatings

When you think of winter foods, instantly dishes like soups, stews, and other classic comfort foods come to mind. Nobody is trying to eat a hot beef stew in the middle of July, but when the harsh Ohio winter hits and we are stuck scrambling for a hearty and warm meal, the pizza delivery place down the road just isn’t going to cut it.

Instead of choking down another slice of Corporate Brand Pizza, check out the places on this list. And, if you’re really feeling like you could use a second dosing of a pick-me-up, wash back your meal with some of the seasonal drinks and cocktails only offered during the winter months. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Asterisk Supper Club | 14 N State St

Walking into Asterisk, one could feel like they’d entered a library from Alice in Wonderland. With a “take a book, leave a book” on the first few shelves of the floor to ceiling bookshelves that line almost the entirety of the restaurant, to the use of antique China as serving dishes, it’s the perfect atmosphere for a tea party. Asterisk indeed does a traditional tea service in the early hours which includes tea sandwiches, handmade scones, clotted cream, and homemade jams. Midday lunch service focuses on lighter options, but still offers comfort food. There is an air of exclusivity without the pretension. Asterisk is a place that makes you feel special
for being there.

Seasonal Ginger Tea: A tea kettle remnant of Victorian era pours out the ginger herbal tea. A perfect warmer to go with your tea sandwiches.

Full/Petite Tea: How does one choose? Cucumber cream cheese with dill, chicken salad, ham, brie, and green apple with homemade honey mustard, or smoked salmon with dill cream cheese and capers. This is the perfect sampler for a light lunch. Also, you can’t forget the “bling bling” which the staff so affectionately calls the beautiful sugar coated fruit that sits in the middle.

Chicken Pot Pie: What could be more comforting than a hot meal wrapped in a perfectly flakey pastry pie crust? Chef roasts the whole chicken in house, makes the gravy from scratch, adds turmeric, bearclaw cheese, and hits the puff pastry very gently an egg wash salt and pepper and proceeds to cook it in the cast iron skillet. This is a winter warmer that often brings back guests, and a whole table of “I’ll have what they’re having.”

Hemingway’s Demise: Bartender Bismark describes this cocktail as a very boozy daiquiri which has absinthe and is garnished with a grapefruit twist. Hemingway was known for using absinthe in his drinks, and this cocktail pays him homage.

Uptown Old Fashioned: This smokey masterpiece is a one of a kind of cocktail experience. Taking the classic ingredients of an old fashioned, but infusing new technology with the beaker and the infusion of smoke—its a cocktail you won’t want to miss, and will more than likely spot on Instagram for it’s photogenic aesthetic.

Tasi Cafe | 680 N Pearl St

Tucked away off Pearl Alley is the Columbus cafe, Tasi. Named after its very owner Tasi Rigsby, it is not new to Columbus. A favorite spot since 2007, Tasi has evolved with the ever changing needs of the Short North. A new closing time, some renovations, and 11 years later, Tasi is still is as relevant and delicious as ever. This cozy cafe is the perfect place to duck into, off the more trodden Short North path, after a morning of shopping, or just the place to cure your Saturday morning hangover.

Challah French Toast: Nothing is better than french toast with the thickest bread possible. This dish features challah soaked with syrup topped with browned bananas. This is the perfect keep you warm on a snowy morning meal.

Egg Croissant Sandwich: Fried egg, flakey croissant, Canadian bacon, and some good ole Swiss cheese. It’s simple, but it’s a major upgrade to any of the drive-thru breakfast sandwiches you scarf down on the way to the office.

Smoked Salmon Bagel: This standard breakfast staple is a crowd pleaser. This boujee bite takes the run-of-the-mill cream cheese on a toasted bagel to the next level by adding smoked salmon and tomato. Who says you need to go to the east coast to get a good lox bagel?

Bonifacio | 1577 King Ave

Bonifacio has made headlines since opening, and was just featured on the Cooking Channels’ “Burgers Brew & Que.” Located in Grandview off of King, it’s a great corner spot to pop in for lunch and dinner as it offers Filipino food as well as Filipino variations of popular dishes. This winter, the Bonifacio team has created some comfort foods, and a couple cocktails with which to wash it all back.

Tiyula Itum: This dish has an almost sinister look to it, but don’t let the dark colored soup scare you off. The burnt coconut beef stew is both spicy and warm making for a great warming winter meal for anyone willing to venture into the more unique side of food.

Kaldereta: This Filipino version of a classic dish might be the best beef stew I’ve ever tasted. It’s a hearty combination of tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and green peas. Eat this all winter long and the frigid temperatures will be no match.

Thrilla In Manila: Pisco, Amaro, Aztec chocolate bitters, grated cloves makes this cocktail have a perfect smoke. On top, charred lime and carnation garnish.

Black Sand Beach: Originally slated to release during Halloween (note the creepy color), the Black Sand Beach cocktail boasts El Jimador Tequila, Campari, Blue Curacao, burnt coconut, cinnamon, homemade lemongrass and ginger syrup and fresh lime.