by Megan Leigh Barnard

Lip Service

Your day or night look isn’t complete until you pick the perfect lip color.

But before you apply your killer kisser, take a look at what makes that red hue pop. Do you know exactly what makes that knock-’em-dead shade? If you squint through the list of some 40-plus ingredients (and have Google on standby to decode what each one actually means) you may get your answer.

But you might not like what you find. Many of those dyes come from petroleum-based chemicals that would feel at home in your car’s motor.

Luckily, Columbus’s Jordan Penix helps you play it safe and still look great with The Tart Peach, a natural lip line created by 24-year-old Capital University grad.

Penix wanted to create a lip line with under 20 natural ingredients, to give everyone the chance to look and feel beautiful (without the worry about motor oil). So she began to create lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm,
and lip tints—right at home on her own kitchen table.

My inspiration truly comes from the seasons. The turning leaves,
the bright spots of flowers—there is color all around us.

By definition, “tart” and “peach” each have meanings that pair perfectly with the thoughtfully-designed and energetic lip line. A tart is defined as a way to dress or make oneself in order to look attractive or eye-catching; a peach can be described as an exceptionally good or attractive thing. However you choose to define its name, The Tart Peach will leave an eye-catching pop of color as it crosses your lips. Its brand name isn’t the only title that will leave a mark; lip colors like Latte, Merlot, Sour Plum, and even Jeni’s Strawberry Jam are fan favorites. Penix will even create custom colors for those who can’t quite find a match to a lipstick vision dancing in their head. 

“I want people to know that I put a lot of love into each tube. I’m a perfectionist and everything is done to the highest standard.”

The curly-haired creator, with beauty and brains and a little bite, says her love for creativity and the dedication she has for participating in the arts is what fuels The Tart Peach. Her passion for music and art truly shines through every product. Especially the bright bubblegum pink shade named after one of her favorite bands, The Raquels. Jordan describes another source of creative superpower as nature.

“My inspiration truly comes from the seasons. The turning leaves, the bright spots of flowers, there is color all around us,” she said.

The Tart Peach brand name started as a blog that chronicled Jordan’s “shenanigans” as she puts it, that evolved when she questioned what many lipstick brands were using to make their product.

“I was curious what was in my everyday lipstick. After much searching, I usually couldn’t find an ingredient list or even ‘key ingredients.’ That worried me … what was I putting on my mouth?”

Her curiosity took on a life of its own when Jordan began making lipstick for her family and for herself, and has since grown. But, it’s still hand-crafted from hand-picked ingredients—still at the kitchen table.

“I want people to know that I put a lot of love into each tube,” she said. “I’m a perfectionist—and everything is done to the highest standard. I also just LOVE lipstick! I’m the lipstick gal.”

Penix wants her blog-turned-business to remain small and
locally handmade.

“I hope people continue to love my little lipstick shop,” she said. “Ultimately, my biggest dream is that people who wear my lipstick
feel beautiful, inside and out.” •

Jordan’s picks for every mood/occasion:

Chill = Rusty Maroon, a smooth reddish brown

Badass = Ice Pop, a dark purple

Moody = Cosmos, an out of this world black

WCW = Poppy, girl-next-door pink

Nostalgic = Hyacinth, a soft berry

Life of the Party = Chica, a bright orange

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