Photo by Tommy Feisel.

Gobble Up the Cup

Downtown diners get a new on-the-go option.

Behold, the lowly cup! That ancient vessel, so integral to slaking human thirst, yet so often ignored. History finds but few examples of cups that transcend their domestic domain and ascend to mythical heights. There is of course the Cup of Jamshid, the fabled stein of a Persian king that was said to offer a glimpse of all of heaven and earth to those who beheld its contents. And in those heavens one can find Crater, the celestial chalice of the god Apollo. And lest we forget the most famous of all, the Holy Grail, which, besides granting eternal life, is the reason we have the DaVinci Code; praise be to Dan Brown! Sadly, in the modern context the cup has once again taken its place as the most humble of crockery, at best holding our bespoke cocktails, at worst, housing an iced coffee for an hour only to be discarded on the trash heap of history. But no more my friends, for the oft ignored cup has a new partner, one that is sure to restore the taken-for-granted-goblet to its rightful place in the pantheon of dishware, and that partner is pizza!

Friends, has this ever happened to you? You’re running late to an important meeting and you’ve only got a few minutes to find nourishment to sustain yourself through another one of Chad’s “slide decks”. (Also, why does he insist on calling it a “slide deck”? It’s a powerpoint presentation about monthly sales reports, not a TED Talk, Chad!) Sure, you could grab a quick salad, but, like a malnourished Ninja Turtle or an Olsen Twin at a sleepover, only one thing will do: pizza! If only pizza was served in a manner more conducive to your hectic urban lifestyle. Enter Viiza, the Brooklyn-based pizza chain located at the heart of Broad & High that has done what the ancients said was impossible: serving pizza in, you guessed it, a cup.

Vizza offers a wide assortment of traditional and Asian-inspired pizzas, all served in their trademark cone-shaped crust. Viiza showcases what happens when the ergonomic meets the gastronomic, offering a unique take on an enduring classic with grab-and-go service aimed at the time-strapped pizza lover. You’ll find old favorites like pepperoni with tomato sauce and a Hawaiian cone replete with pineapple and sausage, to more exotic cones like Peking Duck and Sea Bass. They even boast a dessert menu with a Bluthian Banana and chocolate cone as well as a Durian cone, a fruit with such olfactory intensity that it is banned on public transportation throughout Asia.

What’s that you say? You’d like even more disruption to those old-world notions of what constitutes a cup? Well Viiza has you covered. Try one of their “Lightbulb Drinks,” which, much to the chagrin of the r/wewantplates community, is served in, yep, a lightbulb. Combining the utility of a vessel famously known for breaking with the mysterious allure of a K-Pop concert, these Asian-inspired beverages are sure to be the most interesting part of Chad’s meeting. Again, flavors range from the purly pedestrian, like Lemon or Peach Green Tea, to the truly perplexing, like Calpico Grape and something called “Star Milk.”

Forget your paltry and plebeian ideas of what counts as a cup and what that cup should be used for. Try Viiza today for what amounts to a savory fish-filled ice cream cone and drinks some stuff out of a lightbulb.

Vizza is open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner at 4 E Broad St. For more, visit