Best Movie Theater

Marcus Crosswoods Cinema

17.4% of 6,901 votes

You know you’re living in America when you can order a Meatball Torpedo, (your guess is as good as ours), a Caesar salad, and a Triple Tequila Margarita while tilted back in a cherry red Dreamlounger recliner while waiting for the newest Avengers movie to play in 3D on a screen the size of a house. Marcus Crosswoods is the future of the theater experience, ditching popcorn for grilled cheese and soda for spirits. In case you’re a retro theater purist, you can get all the typical concession goodness too, and even re-watch throwback movies from the ‘80s and beyond. But let’s face it: Cheech and Chong is much better in 4K high definition with a turkey bacon club in hand.

200 Hutchinson Ave. |

2 AMC Easton 16.3%

3 AMC Dublin 11.4%