Photo by Collins Laatsch

Best Burger

Thurman Cafe

22.1% of 12,967 votes

While the Thurmanator might not be the lowest calorie burger in the city, it’s by far the most famous. Sharing its namesake with arguably the largest Columbus supporter there is, (we are looking at you, Arnold) this overwhelming stack of meat and cheese has become an icon, creating a bucket list spot for every competitive eater in the city and beyond. Thurman’s menu boasts not just this juggernaut, but a plethora of other works of meat… er, art, that are more approachable in size for those of us that want something to sink their teeth into. The day that Thurman’s loses in this category will be the day the health food craze has gone too far.

183 Thurman Ave. |

2 Five Guys 8.5%

3  Northstar Cafe 7.1%