by Rachael Barbash

Best Barbershop

The Mug and Brush Barber Shop

11.5% of 3,173 votes

Simplicity, authenticity, and quality: the founding principles of The Mug and Brush and apt tags for this 50-year old Columbus institution. Not only does The Mug and Brush hook you up with fly cuts, but also has endeavored to record some of the best sounds this town has to offer, immortalizing them in their infamous Mug and Brush Sessions, all recorded in the confines of their North High barbershop. Existing as much as an institution and bastion of a segment of Columbus culture, this is a barbershop Columbus is lucky to have. Best of all, they’ve recently opened up a second location out in Gahanna to all better serve the community.

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2 Blue Star 9.6%

3 Royal Rhino Club Barbershop and Lounge 9.3%