by Eric Wagner

Best Hidden Gem


21.7% of 10,171 votes

We got three words for all of you who have yet to discover Columbus’s favorite hidden gem. Nutella. Pancake. Balls. What a concept. Other than the gorgeous menu full of locally sourced breakfast and lunch fare, this charming hidden spot has tons of eccentricity. After all, what other place in town can you scribble cat faces on the tables with colorful chalk? (Without getting in trouble.) We are hoping that this is the last year Katalina’s will take home this prestigious award, as they are opening a second, much larger location in Clintonville next year. Finally, we won’t have to wait for an open table to get our precious balls of fried sugary goodness.

1105 Pennsylvania Ave |

2 The Top Steakhouse 17.3%

3 Basi Italia 15.8%