by Best Day Ever

The Big Day

Here in Columbus, we’ve got unique on lock. We like to do things our own way in the capital city, and our weddings are no different. From tying the knot in a movie theater, to having a drag queen as your reception entertainment, the couples we profiled let their personalities shine on their wedding day. A beautiful mix of trend and tradition made each of these pairs stand out from the crowd.

We’ve used the pictures from Columbus’s most talented wedding photographers, and the stories straight from the newlyweds’ mouths to create these profiles of couples that are a mix of practical advice, and romantic look book. So take a gander at the dresses and tuxes, the flowers and the rings. But, in this city as on the Big Day, what really matters are the people at the center, and the connections they’ve made. 

The Big Day: Sonny + Chelsey

The Big Day: Lynn + Matt

The Big Day: Alexa + Alex

The Big Day: Haley + Stephen

The Big Day: Brandon + Joseph

The Big Day: Harmon + Kristin

The Big Day: Morgan + Lawrence

The Big Day: DJ + Renee

The Big Day: Tyler + Felicitee

The Big Day: Sasha + Corey






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