The Interview Issue: 2018

The immediate intimacy provided by a pointed and direct sit-down with someone you’ve never met can create a conspiratorial feeling—foster a connection. As a journalist, you want to convey to the reader a voyeuristic sense of discovery. As a subject, you want to bear witness to your causes, your experiences, your story. Together, the interviewer and the interviewee can weave a story worthy of a reader’s time and attention.

A city is not made of buildings and roads, it’s made of people and ideas. Movements are started and propelled by passion. The humans of Columbus are what make this city more than just a spot on the map. An intimate examination of their ideas and causes is what fuels our fires as reporters.

Conveying their stories, their plights and fights, is our passion.

A poet, a singer, an abolitionist, a chef.

Movers and shakers and trendsetters and activists and dreamers.

Some people just deserve a spotlight.

Hanif Abdurraqib

Doug Kridler

Theresa Flores

Amber Knicole

Buster Douglas

Mandi Caskey

Virginia Nunes Gutierrez

Jaiza Paige

Michelle Hill

Josh Dalton