by Megan Leigh Barnard

FAQ: Tim Cullenen

There’s plenty of colorful personalities in the Columbus food and drink scene.

And we’re setting out to capture them—one meal at a time.

This month, we launch a new back page feature with Tim Cullenen of Timmy’s Meltdown, a man who lured us in with the promise of delicious grilled cheese and a food truck plastered with political memes.

If you could transport your food truck to any place and time, where/when would it be?

On a beach in Belize. RIGHT NOW.

What is something you will never serve, and why?

Donald Trump. And yes … I know it says what, not who

If you could suddenly switch careers and be successful, what field would you switch to?

On a beach making 20 percent … or a musician.

One person, dead or alive to share a meal or a drink with. Who is it?

Bruce Springsteen.

Fill in the blank: “Someday, I’m going to have a life, and a girlfriend.”       

What is something you love to hate?

Ultra right-wing Christian conservatives.

What is something you hate to love?

KC and The Sunshine Band.

Describe your business in five words:

Couldn’t get a real job.