Story and Photos By Collins Laatsch

Better Sweet

Sometimes when you are on the look for a sweet treat, you want a little break from the norm. Sure you could grab an ice cream concoction from one of the various quick-stop shops in the Columbus area—but, hey, anyone can blend up some soft-serve and throw some Oreos in it.

When I think of desserts, I imagine colorful cakes with various color shades of frosting, pies with decorative crusts, and innovative twists on classic options. Dessert is much more than a combination of sugar and other ingredients on a plate: it’s the visuals, the contrasting and complementing colors, and the subtle differences between one chef’s take on a dish compared to another.

So this month, that’s what I went out looking for; I wanted to find desserts that showcases culinary skill and risk.


Bonifacio • 1577 King Ave.

From the sweet beans to the evaporated milk to the jackfruit, this Filipino dessert took the traditional shaved ice treat and put it on steroids.


Brûlée Eclair

Pistacia Vera • 541 S Third St.

Combining savory caramel flavors from creme brûlée, with the decadence of a classic eclair, this treat is worth every single calorie that comes with it.

Omega Cakes

Omega Bakery• 59 Spruce St.

Move over, Hostess HoHos. There’s a new sheriff in town and she goes by the name of Omega Cakes.

Dark chocolate orange slice with rosemary, White chocolate lemon slice with lavender

Coco Cat • 59 Spruce St.

CoCo Cat cares not about your rules of dessert. Instead of piling on sugary options, they dip their lemon or orange slice in dark or white chocolate, add in some fresh herbs such as rosemary or lavender, and serve it up simply

Sweet Kolache

Kolache Republic • 730 S High St.

You really never know what you are going to get when it comes to Kolache Republic. One thing is for sure that the dough will be sweet and fluffy. As for toppers, it ranges from a dollop of sweet cheese to blueberry; depending on the season. We just so happened to stumble on the rich and luxurious peanut butter fudge.