New Year, New Habits

Let a local fitness star rewire your mentality for 2018

Hello there 2018 … you snuck up on us.

The idea of a new year tends to drive us towards reevaluating our goals, relationships, careers, health, etc. Instead of trying to overhaul your life within the first 30 days, slow down and start to think about why you are doing this? Pause for a moment to think honestly and deeply about why you want to overhaul any part of your life; not the how or the what. Finding your “why” will help keep you on track to reach and exceed your goals. This is what will help you stay focused and committed when temptation inevitably creeps up. Start with a commitment to yourself to get the most out of you.

Our check yourself program incorporates 10 foundational habits that will help you be your best self in 2018!

Own your current habits. Before you start sprinting out of the gate, you need to do a little self-reflection. Instead of skimming over the tough stuff and focusing on what you should be eating, you need to spend some time here, with your current habits, so we can understand how to overcome them. What are your dirty little habits that act as a roadblock between you and your goals, results, and overall awesomeness? It’s so important to take a step back and understand your behaviors so you can stare them down, and dare I say, change them?

Get rid of your excuses. Do you know your typical excuses that you use to allow yourself to quit, cheat, or give up? Remember this: The one person you are doing this for is the very person who is going to try to stop you—and that’s you. Yup, it’s the truth: Your excuses are what will fuel each slip-up and every sabotage. We all have excuses that we pull out during a momentary lapse of dietary judgement. Let’s bring yours to the forefront so you can acknowledge them and be ready for them when they surface.

Eat a diet of fruits, veggies, proteins, whole grains, and good fats.. If you commit to eating these foods most of the time you are setting yourself for a kick-ass 2018.

Avoid sugar. Sound insane … if this tip hits home with you, ask yourself: are you addicted?

Plan your withdrawals. What is a withdrawal? This is your choice of a meal or drink that doesn’t fall within healthy guidelines. Allowing yourself two withdrawals a week is what will make your commitment to a healthy lifestyle in 2018 different than last year. If you are eat the foods listed in #3, these are much deserved. Withdrawals are the real world and that is why at System of Strength we incorporate them into Check Yourself. Enjoy them and move on, hopping right back into your healthy habits.

Sweat at least three times a week. Rather than thinking about fitness as a burden or a box that you dread checking, it’s important that you commit to consistently weaving fitness into your day, week, month, and year. It’s not something you stop and start—there is no end to living a fit life. Make fitness a cherished part of your journey and it will become something you do automatically, with joy and gratitude.

Find a buddy. So many of us have the intentions of creating new habits and sticking with them. Don’t go at it alone! Having a pal and holding each other accountable is one way to increase your odds of sticking with your New Year’s resolution.

Ditch the scale. There is no harm in having a starting place as you embark on your 2018 goals. Most of us have a “goal weight” that is ingrained in our head and probably has been for several years. This unrealistic representation of health can consume you. As you begin to build muscle the scale may not always show a number that makes you jump for joy. Ditching this obsession will make you a happier and healthier version of yourself.

It’s not about being perfect.
This tip is simple. Take a moment and be proud of where you are in your journey.

Bounce back. “Obstacles don’t block the path. Obstacles are the path.” What would have happened if you slipped up, owned it, and got right back on the path you were committed to taking? What if you bounced back like a rubber band, quickly and efficiently instead of taking another meal or another day, or maybe even two or three because you already felt like you blew it?  This could actually be your key to success if you can let it sink in and have a bit of an a-ha moment with it.

Above is just a snippet of our nutritional program that takes a practical approach to reflect, identify, plan and transform your habits. If you are looking for help getting started, head over to to join other likeminded badasses for a 21-day reset.