Spitting Image

For these local families, it’s not hard to see the love in their lives, and those of their children.

But e­verything—and everyone—looks a little more lovely through the lens of Rachel Joy Barehl. One of our favorite family photographers, we wanted to get a little extra back story this month on some of our favorite shots.

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Dani +Ava

Dani is a fearless risk taker, adoptive (single) mama of a special needs babe, and though she hates to admit it- wears that heart of gold on her sleeve. Ava is a wild and free spirited two year old and it’s no mistake that the universe paired these two together. They’re mama and daughter + boss babes + soul mates, all wrapped in one.

The Aitcheme Family

I met Remy’s family when he was still growing inside his mama’s belly. A couple of weeks later, I had the chance to meet him again on the outside. Here he is enjoying laughs with his papa Quentin!

The Killen Family

I’ve had the chance to be present for all three of the Killen boys being born. Women are such warriors and it’s an honor to bear witness to the power and grace in childbirth. Fun fact: I met my husband the day after their oldest son, Maxwell, was born. I expected to have equally wonderful days after Harrison and Quentin came earthside, but nothing beats meeting Adam.


I’ve been photographing this sweet girl since she was four. During our first shoot, we met at Glen Echo park and she brought cupcakes for fairies in the woods, now she’s 9 and has peacock colored stripes in her hair and is an animal whisperer who loves science, building forts, youtube, the food network + has impeccable punk rock style. Her family has become an important part of my life, I love them dearly.