April + Alex Photo by DiBlasio Photography

The Big Day: Dress

Full-length princess gown? Boat neck, tea-length dress? No matter which way you slice it, it’s the focal point of a wedding. The bride is the star of the show, and the dress is her superhero ensemble. The search for the gown is possibly the most time intensive quest of the entire wedding, and in the top five when it comes to points of expense. The search, the fittings in front of a small crowd of women, the alterations, the dollar signs: finding the perfect frock is no small feat. But coming down the aisle at the moment of truth and seeing the tears well up in the eyes of the besotted groom makes every moment and penny worth it.

Ariel + Nick
Photo by DiBlasio Photography

Eric + Anslee
Photo by Abigail Reeder

Temi + Ayo
Photo by Paul Woo

Rachael + Anthony
Photo by Ali Bonomo Photography