The Big Day: Details

If there’s a day to get all fancied up, today is it. This is a time of celebration, and a time to treat yourself to the finery you usually skip for a day at the office or an evening in a local watering hole. Sparkly shoes? Check. Exquisite table settings? Got ‘em. In all the difficult decisions to make leading up to the big day, there will surely be a few opportunities to Treat Yo Self. This little collection is an example of the images that caught our eyes with a little something sparkly.


Avery + Jared
Photo by Rouxby Photography

Timi + Alex
Photo by Amy Tannenbaum

Jessica + Todd
Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl

Albert + Ashley
Photo by Hillary Ferguson

Sara + Chris
Photo by Rouxby Photography

Lauren + Brent
Photo by Hillary Ferguson

Rajaa + Badri
Photo by Amy Tannenbuam