Camille + Rickey Photo by JazzyMae Photography

The Big Day: Architecture

The dress, the food, the music. All the planned elements of the big day converge to create a cohesive scene. But perhaps no element of a wedding is quite as effective at framing and transporting the guests as the venue. A grand cathedral, an aged barn, the courthouse steps, your own backyard. The setting you select for your vows sets the backdrop for memories you and your guests will hold for a lifetime.

These towering hotels, or quiet churches sit, subdued, as times rolls past them. But on the day of your party, they spring to life. Your loved ones, and carefully chosen decor, and the sounds and smells of celebration inhabit the space and animate it, if only for a night.

As Neil Degrasse Tyson once put it: “There is no time without place, and there is no place without time.”

Karla + Nathan
Photo by Erica Kay Photography

Matt + Kelly
Photo by Adam lowe photography

Jaime + Scott
Photo by Erica Kay Photography

\ Avery + Jared
Photo by Rouxby Photography