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Sugar and Spice and…Anything You Want

With the latest version of our sister publication Stock & Barrel hitting shelves, we wanted to make sure the foodies of the world got to see us slice it up with Megan Anderson of Short North Piece of Cake, the genius who created us a custom cake cover for Issue 14.

Burger? Lobster? Dom Perignon? No problem. We went with sushi—and she blew us away.

There’s pretty much no request Anderson can’t accept, so we decided to test her with a few queries of our own:

What is the weirdest cake request you have ever received? Nothing surprises me anymore! We have requests every week for random things ranging from cornhole-playing squirrels to severed body parts. I’d say the one that takes the cake—sorry—was a shirtless male torso…complete with a full colostomy bag.

Funniescake you have ever made? One that stands out in my mind was a request from a man who vowed to “eat his own hat” if the election went a certain way. We made him a perfect chocolate cake replica of his baby blue Kangol cap so he could make good on his word.

What is your earliest baking memory? Eating every bit of funfetti cake batter that didn’t make it into the pan when my mom would make our birthday cakes growing up. She barely had to clean up. You’re welcome, Mom.

Do you like the taste of fondant? Does anyone? Fondant has such a bad rap! It’s really not terrible—tastes kind of like marshmallow or Oreo filling. Look, no one wakes up in the middle of the night craving fondant. It’s a marvelous decorative tool that helps us create your show-stopping centerpiece of cake. Simply peel it off if you don’t want to eat it, and there will always be a full layer of our delicious buttercream frosting underneath waiting for you.

What’s your favorite meal to pair with a Piece of Cake Short North desert? For fall? A great big pork chop dinner followed by Watershed Bourbon Apple Pie.

Coffee with Baileys or a Hot Toddy? Mmmmm, coffee with Baileys. Especially with dessert. Unless I’m feeling a cold coming on- then nothing beats a Hot Toddy.

What do you want to see from the Columbus baking scene? More people looking local for their celebration cakes and pastries! Columbus has so many great bakeries with such a wide range of specialties—there really is something for every customer’s needs and cravings.

What is your baked good guilty pleasure? The wonderfully chewy, perfectly caramelized, super fudgy edges we trim off the peanut butter brownies before we sell them.

What kind of people would do a wedding without a cake? MONSTERS! Just kidding. It’s actually pretty popular right now for a couple to go with something less traditional, like an assortment of miniature cheesecakes, pies, or pastries. We did a cinnamon roll wedding “cake” this past month that I couldn’t stop drooling over.

What is your favorite, surprising flavor combination in a baked good? We made a Beer Bacon Brownie as a food pairing for the Columbus Beerfest a couple years ago.  As magnificent as these three elements are on their own, together they can’t be topped.

Do you think models really eat cake or just photograph themselves eating cake? I’m not really able to grasp the concept that anyone could have cake that close to their mouth and not actually devour it. So it makes me feel better to believe that they do.