Karla + Nathan Photo by Erica Kay

Big Day: Dance Floor

Ah, the dance floor. The great equalizer. The part of the party where your guests get to let loose and really celebrate. This is the time to forget the solemn ceremony and all the planning, and experience the communal joy that is getting down. Whether it’s a live band playing covers of the betrothedss favorite Etta James songs, or a DJ queuing up requests from the crowd, someone’s gonna hear their jam.

The moments on the dance floor may be some of the most tear-jerking in the evening. The traditions that play out here are what draw generations together. The father-daughter dance. The dance where the married couples gather, and then bow out as ascending years are called out, and you are left with the final couple who has conquered time and survived together. This is the place to honor your union, and make the most of the evening.

And besides, where else can you see all your drunk aunts dance the electric slide with your old neighbor, and your best friend from middle school?

Camille + Rickey
Photo by JazzyMae Photography

Rachel + Kyle
photo by Kimberly Potterf Photography

Dan + Hope
Photo by Amy Peppercorn

Megan + Ryan
Photo by Lauren Lee