Fall Arts Preview


Parallel Connections
Where: Mershon Auditorium
When: Oct. 20 – 21
How Much: Prices vary
Web: wexarts.org
BalletMet, The Ohio State University and The Wexner Center for the Arts have teamed up for this triple threat of physical expression. This special program consisting of three performances only is the result of a perfect storm of schedules that have brought some of the greatest dance minds of our time together in one place at one time. BalletMet will perform “The Man in Black,” set to the music of the late great Johnny Cash. Then, Ohio State Department of Dance students will perform selections from Merce Cunnningham. Finally, BalletMet and OSU dancers will collaborate for the final act, performing the contemporary “Minus 16.” Catch this storm before it passes.

Sini Majuri Glass Exhibition
Where: Glass Axis
When: Sept. 8
Web: glassaxis.org
“Surrealistic stories captured inside blown glass” describes the work by Finnish glass artist Sini Majuri using a special technique called Graal that uses etching and refiring. Majuri’s works tell a Finnish national epic poem “Kalevala.” She has exhibited her work worldwide, and in September, the artist herself will take up residence at Glass Axis in Franklinton to teach evening and weekend workshops for seven days. Her work will remain on display at the gallery to give patrons a chance to gaze into the scenes and at the characters depicted in her work. Students that attend her workshop will create a scene of their own in a glass vessel.

Giacomo Puccini’s Suor Angelica
Where: Lincoln Theater
When: Sept. 8 – Sept 10
How Much: $26.50
Web: operaprojectcolumbus.com
Opera Project Columbus found a deficit of the ancient performing art here in the capital city, and decided to make moves to amend our opera-poor situation. Snagging a maestro from Italy in Alessandro Siciliani, the troupe aims to “seek out, find, and nurture raw and emerging operatic talent as we reinvent the art form to appeal to contemporary audiences.” A contemporary reinvention could do this musical body good, and OPC has volunteered to be the torchbearer for this generation of opera lovers and performers in Columbus. Featuring a cast of 14 women, this show is a true art patron’s chance to support the scene in Cbus.

In Our Own Image:
The Genesis of Photography and the Contemporary Eye
Where: Decorative Arts Center of Ohio
When: Sept. 9
How Much: Free. Group tours for $5/person.Donations always accepted.
Web: decartsohio.org
The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio in Lancaster is having its first exhibition comprised only of photography. This two-part exhibit will showcase photographs from 1850-1900, and catalogue the process and progression of photographic technology. The second half of the exhibit will be of contemporary images from active artists, taken using these old techniques and equipment. The exhibition space has been built to resemble a nineteenth century photo studio, by Columbus photographer Stephen Takacs. During gallery hours, visitors can interact with the exhibit and the technology by posing for Takacs. He will take large plate glass photographs of visitors, and develop them on site.

Fun Home at CATCO
Where: Studio Two Riffe Center
When: Sept. 13 – Oct. 1
How Much: $20 – $40
Web: catco.org
Columbus’s premier equity theater company takes on Fun Home, a production based on the memoir of Alison Bechdel. Bechdel is an American cartoonist and graphic novelist. Fun Home explores her coming-out and coming-of-age stories, along with her exploration of her gay father’s past, and growing up Catholic in a funeral home. A drama told with music, Fun Home has scenes and songs of levity that walk hand in hand with the more serious explorations of the timeless themes of identity and family. It’s sure to be a unique and enlightening performance.

My Fair Lady starring Cabot Rea
Where: Northland Performing Arts Center
When: Sept. 15 – Sept. 24
How Much: $25
Web: myfairlady614.com
This musical classic for the whole family is made even more endearing by the addition of Columbus’s own Cabot Rea in the lead male role of Henry Higgins, originally personified by Rex Harrison. The former local NBC news anchor retired from broadcasting in 2015, and -to the delight of Columbusites- has returned to his first love of musical theater. Your ticket purchase also supports the Northland Performing Arts Center. Opened in 2011 in the old Northland mall complex, the theater company occupies the old Jc Penney store. With enough space for 1,500 people, and not a mannequin in sight, the venue will host the more than 60 year old musical this month. What’s old is new again.

Chalk the Block
Where: Easton Town Center
When: Sept. 30
How Much: Free
Web: chalk-the-block.com
If you think that sidewalk chalk, much like paint by numbers, is the lowest denomination of art, you have never been to Chalk the Block—a weekend long event that hosts thriving local artists designing and drawing large scale artworks among the sidewalk. In a way, the temporariness of the medium is what adds to the inherent beauty—there is something about a fleeting portrait in the pavement, one that will be washed away with rain when the event is said and done, that carries an intangible weight of beauty. Watch over 30 artists create elaborate murals on the ground that conform to their uniquely specialized aesthetics, from hyper-realistic portraitures to abstract expressionism.

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life
Where: Wexner Center for the Arts
When: Sept. 16 – Dec. 31
How Much: $8, free for members
Web: wexarts.org/exhibitions
Cindy Sherman is not just a photographer—she’s a hair stylist, art director, makeup artist, and the subject all in one. Shooting alone in her studio, Sherman captures stunning portraits that make us question the female identity and the role images play in contemporary culture. Her gallery, Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life, is a decades long exhibition in the making, featuring an expansive repertoire of Sherman’s work, mimicking the likes of midcentury pin-ups, 80s B movie stars, to 17th century socialites. Her unique transformations have made her one of the most iconic artists of our generation, garnering attention from luminaries of art and film, such as John Waters and Molly Ringwald, who have, among others, narrated her audio tour, adding an insightful context to her boisterous career. As this is the only stop of the gallery outside of L.A., it is one you are not going to want to miss.


A Love Supreme
Where: Davidson Theater at The Riffe Center
When: October 3, 8 PM
How Much: $26.50
Web: wexarts.org
John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” is a classic staple of jazz that included composition, as well as improvisation by the legendary jazz saxophonist. In the same vein, Rosas, a modern European dance company consisting of four men, will perform a physical interpretation of the album. Inspired by Coltrane’s mix of pre-created and on-the-spot work, Rosas will perform practiced moves, along with improvised dance to the original music.

Naked Classics: Beethoven 5
Where: Southern Theater
When: Oct. 6, 8 PM
How Much: $25
Web: capa.com
ProMusica Chamber Orchestra’s “Naked Classics” is what you wish every power point presentation could be. ProMusica takes a classic piece of music, and uses graphs, interviews, video, and other media to expose the viewer to a side you’ve never seen of a piece you’ve heard about a million times. After the presentation unpacks the piece, the symphony will perform it in its entirety, allowing the audience to hear it with a whole new appreciation for its process.

Fear is Universal film fest
Where: Grandview Heights Public library
When: Mondays in October starting Oct. 9, 6 PM
Web: columbusmakesart.com/event/14780-film-fear-is-universal
This October, join the Grandview Heights Public Library as they show eight of horror’s most classic and enduring films, along with a second, lesser known film, for a double feature of fright. The last four Mondays in October will showcase such favorites as The Wolfman, and Frankenstein. Adults will love the throwbacks to late-night TV when these were shown on the air, and youngsters will be tickled at the vintage black and white scare footage that’s not quite as scary as it maybe used to be. Get in the Halloween spirit with your family at this ghastly event.

Beyond Impressionism
Where: Columbus Museum of Art
When: Oct. 20 – Jan. 21
Web: columbusmuseum.org
The Columbus Museum of Art partners with the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Spain to bring this exhibit stateside. Like many other arts exhibitions coming to Columbus in the next year, CMA has exclusive rights to this exhibit. Columbus will be the only US stop on this worldwide tour. Explore parisian imagery of grace and class –and the avant garde- without leaving the heart of it all.

An Evening with David Sedaris
Where: Ohio Theater
When: October 28, 8 PM
How Much: Tickets start at $50
Web: capa.com
Join wildly comical best selling author David Sedaris as he reads passages from his multitudinous novels at the historic Ohio Theater. Sedaris keeps readers rolling in the aisles and alternately shedding a tear at his stories both profound and mundane. He touches on topics from family, to speech impediments, to horrible jobs, and everything else under the sun. The prolific author and essayist will read excerpts from new writings, as well as hold a Q&A with audience members, and have a book signing after the event.


Speak Easy Live Story Telling
Where: Wild Goose Creative
When: November 2, 7 PM
How Much: $5
Web: wildgoosecreative.org
If you are a fan of The Moth, Mortified, Snap Judgement, Risk!, or any other story telling podcast, then you will know the drive to tell and hear personal anecdotes. We connect with each other based on shared experiences, and we learn about others based on the stories they tell that reach across the aisle. The first Thursday of each month through the end of the year, gather at Wild Goose Creative, and bring your own beer. It’s an open microphone. Come to listen or come to tell.

Shaping Sound
Where: Palace Theater
When: November 4, 8 PM
How Much: Tickets start at $30
Web: capa.com
After an Emmy, “So You Think You Can Dance?”, and a successful nation-wide tour of “Dance Reimagined”, Travis Wall has taken his place at the forefront of the modern dance movement. This November, he brings his newest production to the capital city for one night only. “Shaping Sound” will grace the Palace Theater. This visual story is told about a man who fights to reclaim his artistic voice after the death of his one true love. This on night will be your chance to work under a rising master.

Mozart’s Requiem
Where: Southern Theater
When: Nov. 4, 5:30 PM
How Much: $12 – $50
Web: promusicacolumbus.org
Mozart’s Requiem is his final masterpiece. Upon his death in 1791, it remained incomplete. It was finished by his contemporary, and has been performed to amazed audiences for over two centuries since. Join in this beautiful tradition by attending ProMusica Chamber Orchestra’s rendition of this masterpiece performed with a symphony and vocalists.

ROY G BIV Gallery opening for Erek Nas and Kelsy Gossett
Where: ROY G BIV Gallery
When: Nov. 4, 7 PM
How Much: Free
Web: roygbivgallery.org
ROY G BIV Gallery bill itself as a nonprofit gallery for emerging artists. Nass uses light, water, digital images, and a camera obscura to create and distort images. He then builds a structure around his images, bringing the visual into the tangible. Gossett is a photographer who focuses on the feminine experience, and lampoons the physical and societal expectations of women via her bold imagery. These artists will create a colorful and thoughtful aesthetic in ROY G BIV for their tenure in the gallery space.

Reefer Madness
Where: Northland Performing Arts Center
When: Nov. 9 – 12
How Much: $23
Web: imaginecolumbus.org
What happens when America’s clean-cut, upstanding youth get suckered into jazz music and marijuana use? Murder! Sex! Mayhem! Imagine Productions of Columbus puts on this tongue-in-cheek production that will make you alternately laugh and shake your head in disbelief. Directed by Douglas C. Shaffer, this send-up of the 1936 film of the same name remains as timely and effective as it was over 80 years ago.