Photo by Brian Kaiser

Makeover: (614) Edition

Here’s to the new you, courtesy of Bates and Brown and Kenneth’s

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Summer means a change of pace. We’re spending more weekends outside and swapping jackets and sweaters for shorts and tanks. However, letting it all hang out shouldn’t mean sacrificing your grooming regimen—which is where our friends (and ColumBest first place winners!) at Bates & Brown Barber Chair and Kenneth’s Hair Salon come in.

Since this section is all about next-level aesthetic touches, we unchained a few of our talented graphic designers from their desks long enough to check out what each place had to offer.

Dustin Goebel • Bates and Brown

Bates and Brown (5033 Olentangy River Rd., is nearly brand-new, but they’re a dash of old-school mixed with the grooming needs of the modern man. They offer haircuts, styling, grooming, and even a traditional straight razor shave. But that’s not all. Cocktails and massages are on the menu, too. We sent lead designer Dustin Goebel to soak it all up:

A haircut that starts with a cocktail is quite alright with me. I’m used to getting just a haircut and a shave, but they gave me a hot towel and moisturizer, and hooked me up with all these new products. I was surprised by the amount of time they devote to each person that goes in there. They give everyone three hours, which is two hours longer than I’m used to. Master Barber Chris Cook seemed a lot more into what he was doing than your average barber. He walked me through each step of what he was doing and told me the right and wrong ways to do everything at home. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about hair that long.

After working deadlines and having two kids at home, I just about fell asleep three or four times in the chair because it was so relaxing. The inside is modern and masculine. They had a chess board—which was pretty sweet, too.

New routine: I’ll get my haircut more often, that’s for for sure.

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Phoebe Davis • Kenneth’s Salon and Day Spa

Kenneth’s Salon and Day Spa ( is the one-stop shop for self-care needs. From your scalp to your toes, any of the multiple locations across Columbus can provide you with myriad options for upkeep of your tried and true style, or fashioning yourself a whole new look. We sent creative designer Phoebe Davis to their Morse Road location on an assignment she couldn’t refuse:

I like keeping it simple, and personally I just wanted to do my own style like I always get. When I went, they encouraged me to try something new and gave me so many options. Stylist Stacy Stephens offered extensions, a dye job, new styles—they really opened up a lot of options. They said I could do anything.

I’m naturally blonde, but in the winter it gets dark, so I lightened it up. They cut it as well. It’s a little shorter, and they gave me an angled bob. Esthetician Callie Smith gave me the full makeup treatment, something that is completely new to me. I usually do natural makeup, but got a more “going-out look.” She gave me a smokey eye and did contouring on my face and details on my eyebrows. It was a big departure from my routine, but a welcome one.

New routine: Right after I got my hair done, I went to the store and bought new leave-in conditioner. I treat my hair a little nicer now and condition it since it’s colored. She suggested I get my hair trimmed every six weeks, so I’m going to do that, too.