Photo by Matthew Carbone

Condo Living: Coast to Coast

What’s the best recipe for making a world traveler feel at home in his Columbus condo?
A little bit of East Coast, a little bit of West—from a far-out fridge to a splash of NYC subway vibes, what you get is a pan-American pad right here in the capital city. Challenging, in this case, was the notion that Blake Compton and his Compton Construction team were carrying out the orders of their client while he maintained his residence in Santa Cruz, California. Achieving the final vision required some efforts beyond your typical project—including some less-than-efficient trips down the highway to IKEA.
In the end, though, a modern and sleek-yet-simple design proves that condo living doesn’t have to sacrifice style for spaciousness.

Trending Tile:
People are trying to declutter and simplify their lives nowadays and one way to do that is to reduce the amount of different materials used throughout your home. White subway tile is a product that has definitely been used a lot throughout the last decade. It will continue to be a highly utilized product for its ability to complement the finishes around it, which is why it can work in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

First Impressions:
The focus was to make an inviting space that had the amenities visible throughout and intentionally aligned their aesthetic to complement the overall layout.

Cool Center:
The marquee piece of the dining room and kitchen is the orange fridge, it glares at you and is definitely a polarizing piece. It was always intended to be the focal point of color in those two rooms; we developed a natural palette otherwise and wanted the fridge to be the star.

Seamless Theme:
By focusing on construction finishes that are neutral, simple, and complementary to one another, you can allow your fixtures and furniture to bring the pop and crackle that define your space. From the couch, rug, and coffee table to the fridge, dishes, and dishcloths, these items exclaim what space they are a part of and provide pleasing visual distractions, while not feeling cluttered.

Working with an out-of-town owner who travels across the world made it difficult to follow a set schedule, as we would have meetings once or twice a month at best. There were moments where we would have to stop work and await approval before continuing progress. We kept our morale up by focusing on the finish details every step of the way and making sure we were proud with the small stuff. The most difficult part was trying to source the curtains. The owner wanted a specific fabric from Ikea and at the time, Cincinnati was the only Ikea we could go to… for some reason they didn’t have an exact system on how much fabric they had at any given time so we would have to drive to Cincinnati and buy whatever they had and wait until they got a new shipment in. It took a few months to finish everything because of that. Thankfully, readers won’t have to deal with that now that Columbus has its own Ikea!

The fridge is from Big Chill; you can find them online to buy all sorts of colorful kitchen appliances. The White oak is from Crow Works, a company out of Killbuck, Ohio.  They can provide you raw material or pre-designed chairs, stools, and furniture—one of the top places for material used in our projects around Columbus. The kitchen cabinetry and countertop was actually from Ikea!