Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

10 On-Trend

There’s plenty of inspiration in this issue—but here’s a few more to add to the list when it comes to making your space comfortable, creative, and current, from the folks at Davis Rogers Interiors:


Reclaimed Wood Accents

To the windowwwwww to the wall! Reclaimed wood is abundant and especially eco-friendly. It can go from old, unused barns and other dilapidated structures to your home interior. With just a bit of sanding and staining, you can get a custom rustic look in any part of your home. Use a few pieces as an accent around your bathroom mirror, panel walls, finish floors … the possibilities are endless, and the style is natural and timeless.


Install a recessed channel with a drain, fill it with ice and your choice of beverages, and bam—booze trough! Build into an indoor or outdoor kitchen island, bar or dining area, and you can quickly chill and serve your favorite beverages. Perfect for parties. Drink service is classier when your friends don’t have to reach past your lunch meat for their favorite potable.

DIY Wall Coverings
Ask anyone who used to own Hot Wheels—decals are the way to go. A modern way to display art, or change the color of a wall without the commitment and mess. Easily peel and apply to a feature wall or back splash for a quick and cost-effective change. You can use a similar type of decal to change a regular window into a stained glass-like work of sunlit art.

Ceiling Tiles

Create a coffered look in any room using drop ceiling tiles. These aren’t your fluorescent light-housing, pock marked office tiles of old. These are stylized, and beveled or stamped for a unique effect that can be a subtle or dramatic change to any size room. This is one trend that needs to be seen to be believed. Armstrong carries numerous styles to choose from.

Trim Detail

It ain’t just for the corners anymore. Add a simple trim design to basic drywall and paint it all the same color using your favorite sheen. You can create a geometric effect to add dimension to an otherwise plain space, or define a section of an open floor plan. This makes any bland wall more interesting and unique.

Backyard Sheds

The tiny, barely used building sitting idle in your backyard can be a great opportunity to get a world apart from your day-to-day. With a few practical changes, and as much (or as little) flair as you want, you can transform the shovel shack out back into a cabana, a hip lounge, a library, or a little hobby workshop. Create a personal get-away, whatever your interest.


Look up! Detail in the ceiling finishes off a room. It changes the entire vibe and draws more visual interest. Changing the texture and dimension of a ceiling can make a small space seem bigger, or make a big space more cozy. Use wallpaper, wood, or a complementary color to make a space feel finished and polished.


Combine multiple patterns in a similar color palette to create interest and depth. Have fun with patterns! Prints on walls can complement prints on furniture, and lead the eye to interesting accents. It doesn’t have to match to make a statement. In fact: it’s better if it doesn’t.


Using a fun tile to create a unique floor in a bathroom or small space can be a cost-effective way to make a big update and show off your personal style. Subway tile is coming back in a big way, and can be worked into myriad color palettes for years to come.

Hidden Gems

Turn an ordinary utility closet into a wine cellar or a place to house memorabilia or collectables. An enclosed space where there used to be junk can be transformed over a weekend into a multi-dimensional, usable space that will be unique to your interests and add value to your home.